Meet Lucie: Sales Director @ Plus

by Sam Zartoshty

Posted on Nov/05/2017

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1.What did you do before the industry?

Before working in cannabis, I did legal recruiting for a year and was set to go to USC law school in the fall (that obviously changed!).

2.What sparked your interest in the cannabis industry?

I was interested in working in cannabis because it is such a burgeoning industry and I like to be on the forefront of change. The opportunity for learning in this industry is immense. It is a completely unpredictable and rapidly growing landscape, which always keeps things interesting. I was also very attracted to the fact that cannabis helps so many people, I really believe in its medicinal values. Plus, free weed.


3. How did you first get involved in the industry?

I saw on LinkedIn that my CEO (who I went to high school with) was starting a weed gum company. I thought this was the coolest thing ever and asked to grab coffee with him to discuss. He needed a fourth co-founder and Head of Sales, an opportunity that I jumped on.

4. Did you ever feel any stigma against yourself  from others for working in the industry?

Initially, I was concerned about the stigma that I might face turning down law school to work in cannabis. I have found that most people have the complete opposite reaction. Strangers and friends of all ages and backgrounds are very interested in learning more about the space, and most people think it’s pretty cool that I work in the weed industry.

5. What have been some of your favorite things about working in the industry?

I love the people. I have met so many amazingly interesting, diverse, and open-minded individuals in this industry. People are working on some truly exceptional things in cannabis. I also love the constant opportunity to learn.  Because weed is still federally illegal, not nearly enough research has been done.  As a rookie to the industry, there was a steep learning curve – but there is always more knowledge to gain.

6. Do you have any advice to job seekers looking into the industry?

Find a company that speaks to you and a team that you are excited to make history with!