Meet Elianne: Assistant Manager @ Green Wolf LA

by Sam Zartoshty

Posted on Oct/11/2017

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1. What did you do before the industry?

Before I started in the industry back in 2012, I was studying to be a fashion designer FIDM in downtown LA. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do since I was a medical marijuana smoker due to my anxiety. Before Fashion Design my passion was to become a criminal investigator. Since I was already a recreational user and also a medical marijuana user, I wasn’t able to succeed as a criminal investigator since I had to join the police force before I was an investigator

2. What sparked your interest in the cannabis industry? How did you first get involved in the industry?

What first sparked my interest was when I smoked at the age of 14. It made me feel so much better than the pills I was taking. The whole science behind it and how each strain did something different. I wanted to help others since it saved me from my pharmaceuticals that I had been taking for years. In 2009 I stepped into my first dispensary and at that moment I realized I wanted to be apart of the movement.


3. Walk us through a normal work day? (things you do on a regular basis)

For the last two years I’ve been working at GreenWolf in Los Angeles California a Prop 215 PreICO collective. I am currently the assistant manager so I get to handle the cash outs, managing shop product orders, working with vendors, & interacting with patients. I Also do the cashier and budtend as needed. I work five days a week up to 50 hours. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about GreenWolf. I’ve worked at a few Top collectives in Los Angeles & this one by far has been the most influential to myself as a boss lady in the industry!

4. What have been some of the hardest things about working in the industry? 

As a woman I feel like we are personally discriminated against in this industry. There is still a strong stigma against women in this Mail driven in the street. I’ve had moments for men will shut me down before I can say a word without them even knowing her knowledgeable I really am. I have met many very strong industry women out there who are making bigger and better moves than most men that I’ve met.

I have nothing personal against men in the industry but I feel like men and women could still do the same and accomplish the same even more and greater things than each other. We should all just support each other and help each other build and gain knowledge on what we can do next to become better than what we were already are.


5. What have been some of your favorite things about working in the industry?

Other than feeling like I am discriminated as a woman at times I feel like I have made my mark in the industry as someone who is educated & also very involved. It feels like forever but over the last few years people decided to split and start their own ventures. So it’s been easy for me to transition since I have met most of the people who split up and have become some of the top brands and industry.

6. Have you ever felt stigmatized for working in the industry?

My favorite moments have been working at all the events that I’ve worked in the last six years. From the high Times cannabis cup’s to Hitman Glass Chalice Festival, KushStock, and even secretsesh. I’ve met so many amazing patients, brands, celebrities, talents and many other other influential people involved.

7. Do you have any advice to job seekers looking into the industry?

7. For anyone who is seeking to be a part of the industry is that you must have a true passion for helping others. Also Being educated and knowledgable on products and all processes on how things are made & work.

Understanding current technology and loss is also a very important thing. Number one is having passion for the Industry and everyone involved. That includes patients, vendors, and others trying to just get involved and be apart. Please stay educated & on top of all current laws, products & processes.


Eli Michele

Marijuana user since 2004, MMJ patient since 2009.

Instagram: @yourfavbudtender